@ Starlight Theater

Yes, music is back at the Starlight Theater, the Balboa Park stage that has been graced by rock luminaries like The Rolling Stones, Allman Brothers, Jerry Garcia Band, Santana and The Bigfellas.  Check out what's going on there at www.starlightbowl.org

Oh, the enormity


Shaun & friend - where's Security?


This photo is your assignment in our $10,000 "Spot Spaun" contest


Plenty of elbow room


Ross McGloughness on drums


The roadie responsible for that tangled cord was promptly fired


Satellite imaging technology can now focus on Charlie's growing bald spot


By the way, this was Tim's last day of freedom - remember when he was this happy?


Stage left for a change


If only they had baseball cards for musicians


Oh, Canada


Making sweet love to the audience


That blank space on the curtain is just begging for some kind of skull-demon Bigfellas logo


Let's wrap this up


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