@ Wynola Pizza Express - Julian CA
Saturday, 2007-04-21

Julian is famous for three things: 1) The annual Apple Festival, 2) Pies and 3) Wynola Pizza Express.  OK, it's famous for three things, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't go to Wynola & catch a band with some pizza, the folks there were nice to us so throw em a bone.

Too bad that police photos have to be solo shots


Yes, that is a tip jar


We're thinking of changing the band name to "Wood-Fired Entrees"


The tip jar eventually paid dividends, by the way, we're playing in a barn


This photo perfectly captures the two prevalent fan reactions at Bigfellas shows


Shay would like to be alone with the stick


If a perfect note falls in the forest with nobody around, does it make a sound?


Coming to a theater near you: The Invisible Drummer


We're terrific


I'm Duncan Hunter


You can't see it but the tip jar now has $25!  That almost paid for gas.


Worst album cover ... ever


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