@ Rock And Roll Marathon
Sunday, 2007-06-03

Love playing at 6:30am, that's rock and roll.  In truth, it's one of our favorite annual gigs.  And big thanks to Bill Paine stepping into the bass breech to save our bacon, figuratively.  You can see Bill playing with the Christopher Cash band at a location near you.


For those familiar with Phil Spector's "Wall Of Sound", this is our "Wall Of Pee"




20,000 athletes who don't know how to use a trash can


Our first fan of the day


Most any road leading to us IS the wrong way


A visit from Christa


Slobs, absolute slobs


You're the kings, E's


Our fanbase, part 1


Our fanbase, part 2


How do you learn 25 songs in a day?  Notes, notes, location.


Zzzzzz, it's 6:30 for God's sake


Hey, how did we get monitors?


Wasn't this the 3rd of June?


You can't see the flooded stage and near electrocution


So sad when everybody listens for 30 seconds and runs away


Elvis never wore this outfit while being physically fit


Come on, bikes are clearly illegal in a marathon


The ambulance is for us, not the runners


We're HI-larious


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