@ KNSD Morning News & Concerts In The Square
Friday, 2007-08-17

Wow, what a fun gig.  Five Bigfellas, one great sound engineer (Jonny Edwards), a great local news, a neighborhood parrot, a 60-minute webcast.  Thanks again to KPRI Radio and KNSD TV for the fun ...

Click here to see some fantastic photos courtesy of Diana Burrows, a great local photographer 

With our lovely and talented host, Kimberly King.  (Photo taken by KNSD's also lovely and talented Whitney Southwick.)  Quite seriously, we were really blown away by how nice absolutely everybody was there at the station - they're good people.


About 5 seconds after cutting to commercial, this parrot crapped on Charlie's shoulder and arm.  If only that made the broadcast - hello, YouTube.  It was almost as good as that marmoset peeing on Johnny Carson.


Bill and Shaun looking dressy for the occasion


Morning TV appearance + 100-degree heat + Starbust mug of beer = nap


What a pro




Not an actual picture DURING the show.  We had at least three times this many people then.


9 of 10 discerning music lovers choose the Bigfellas ... 60% of the time


Sometimes singing looks like yelling and vice versa.


The camera adds 50 pounds ... collectively.


Photographing the photographer.


That's some sweet signage.  We forgot to steal it.


Just another day playing on TV with a parrot on your head.  Nothing to see here.


Giving our own CD the bird while Bill makes love to the camera.


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