@ Birch Aquarium (KPRI 102.1 Green Flash Concert Series)
Friday, 2007-08-17

Big thanks to KPRI's Tammy, KPRI's Madison and the Birch Aquarium for a lovely evening.  No rain!

That's the scene below, very nice 

KPRI's Madison surveying the troops 

Apparently we don't really get the concept of "mingling" 

Thank God for Sara, she kept the median age below 60 

Shout out to Irisa, Shay and Becky - we love you 

Worst cabaret act ever 

ZZ Top, post rehab ... in the middle of their dance number 

Get the net - protect the sea anenomes 

One of the better all-white rhythm sections you'll see at an aquairum 

Irish McDrummy 

Dave, Dave ... we're over HERE 

Were they expecting a VFW lecture?  They seemed to tolerate us nicely, very polite

That's beautiful (I'm talking about the sunset) 

Bigfellas and appetizers, it's a mutual admiration society between the two 

Plenty of room on the dance floor, people - and a resuscitator standing by  

'Fellas After Dark 

Is that a bracelet from an outpatient clinic? 


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