@ Last Call
Friday, 2007-10-12

Special tip: When drinking beer at the Last Call, get bottles instead of tap beer.  Not only do Charlie & Shay have 10-13 medical problems from it, but Steve Couvalt has 10-14 problems of his own to share.

Click here for a good nice clip of us murdering "You Can't Always Get What You Want"

We're HI-larious 

Shay backing up Colin Clyne, literally 

What if there was a band and no rhythm section came?  Dave + Colin performing "Ode To A Spider" 

The bright lights of show business.  Hey, if rock legend Bruce Duckenson says "More cowbell," .... 

OK, it's starting to look like the bad beer tap line has worked its way into Shay's system 

Yup, now Charlie's sick too.  Tastes worse coming up than going down, but less filling. 

Bill didn't drink tap beer - he outsmarted the rest of us again! 

Check out Doktor Kabuki on the back screen 

Is Charlie wearing pants?  You make the call 

Hey Bill, sound man and bass player draws double pay.  2 x $0 = $0 

Shay looking like Walter Brennan, by cracky 

Does the fun ever START?


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