@ Carlsbad Marathon
Friday, 2008-01-20

Thanks again, Carlsbad Marathon ... your check cleared!  Oh yeah, and thanks to all of the runners - the only thing dumber than running a marathon is waking up at 5am to play music for people running a marathon.  But we kid, it was a fun time

Ahh, the glamour of this business we can "show" 

The roadie called in sick 

This has all the makings of crime scene 


All lights are red 

His mother is so proud 

They're clearly digging us 


Looking like he's back home in Manitoba 

Bill might be playing the bass, but he's thinking about the PA 

Did Shay leave during this song?

How's that for framing a photograph?  Composition 101 

Can somebody put a mirror in front of Dave's mouth, just in case? 

If you don't look, you can't see that nobody's listening 

Move on, nothing to see here 

Looks like the animatronic bears at Country Bear Jamboree

Shaun looks sad, don't be sad, Shaun 

Can you feel the excitement? 

Dave dreaming of a better life, far far away from this corner 

Charlie never gets tired of his "95% of you are winners!" joke 

Those trees look like the pod trees in Invasion Of The Body Snatchers (1978 version).  Shay, stay awake, for the love of God! 

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