@ Canes
Wednesday, 2008-03-12

In the middle of recording Chubbed Up, we play a special everning at Canes: Shay's birthday

This is my favorite alltime picture of Pam with the Irishman

Fans L to R: Mark Ople (currently #3 on Bigfellas fan rankings), Erick Haswell & Jim Powell

Shay with Dave & Happy Ron 

Air quoting the night away 

At this very moment, what is not killing Shay is making him stronger 

Looks like we're playing on the set of "Our Town" 

Didn't have room for that allotment of candles

Happy Ron coming down from his mountain shack for music on a weeknight

Bill knows that every good band brings their own paper towels

A good shot of Dave Sawyer and an Elvis sighting, to boot

A one-man debate

Nothing like a surly man in white pants singing 


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