@ Desi N' Friends (CHUBBED UP cd Release Party)
Saturday, 2008-10-18

Thanks again to everybody who came out.  And to the lovely and talented PAM HARRISON who took a $200 budget and turned Desi's into something that looked like $20,000 - Pam's the best

Hot off the presses


Feel the Desiness - the downstairs area


No offense Adam, but we want more Irisa in this pictures


The audience is clearly enraptured by how wonderful we are ... at least Marvin Glover is


Shaun waking up from a Desi's nap


Jodi looking good


We love: 1) Spud Davenport and 2) Pam's deli spread ... not necessarily in that order


Jeff Johnson held hostage, trying to blink a message


Baby got Bigfellas



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