@ Bondi (Shindy TV "Volume" Series)
Wednesday, 2009-03-25

Trippy photos from Michael Smith

Bigfellas bringing it with "California King"

Shay's appearance at the end of "2001: A Space Odyssey"

As Tron fighting the evil MCP (that joke's for you, nerds)

Bill's world

Mary Grasso was nice enough to sit in with us - do yourself a favor and look up her music

Is the stick out of focus too, or just fast?

Classing it up with a scarf ... in a 95-degree club

Billy, don't run to the light!

Bubble machine in the house

Am I crazy, or do we look like miniatures in this photo?

Looks like Charlie's in front of an industrial freezer

That's one spacey rhythm section

If Charlie could fulfill his lifelong dream to be inside a bottle of beer, this might be what it looks like

The photo effects really are pretty cool



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