@ Rock And Roll Marathon
Sunday, 2009-05-31

Rock And Roll Marathon #4 for us, and counting

Our Christmas card

6:30am near 163

Bill looking to the future

Coffee achiever, Charlie Recksieck

If it's gonna be this wet, might as well move to Portland

Bill downgraded from 5-string bass to 4-string - or is that upgrading?

Shay's looking more Irish than usual this morning

Runners to the North

Runners to the South

Those tarps might have saved us about $10K in equipment during the drizzle

See, it's a giant toothpick.  Get it?

This is the "Best Band In San Diego"?

That guy with the jeans and red shirt is a little overdressed & sure taking his sweet time

Somewhat of a Lloyd Bridges impression

The distortion on this photo makes it look like Bill's missing a few teeth

Fecker & Pagan



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