@ Del Mar Fair
Friday, 2009-06-12

Gotta love the Fair - love the deep fried Reese's on a stick


That's quality free entertainment, folks


Friday Night's All Right For Fighting


Jeff is aglow


Where's our sponsorship from Roland amplifiers?


@ Del Mar Fair
Sunday, 2009-06-14

Of course, they had to have us back on Sunday ...

If this had been 30 minutes later, bubbles and smoke would have looked beautiful


In fairness, most people listening were in the beer garden 20 yards back, not up front with the kid and the bubbles


Rock and Roll is all about the bubbles


Staring jealously at the beer garden


Coors Light is one of Shay's brands, so nicely done Fair


Andy Machin: Ham


Jeff Johnson grimacing


Andy has a million stage moves, total pro


Is that humming?


The kids love us


From Shay's 1969-1970 season on the Lawrence Welk Show


It takes a real man to wear pink feathers


If only Jeff was in this one ...


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