August-September 2009

Thanks again - everybody!  
Some tour highlights description here.  We'll be back to the Northwest soon.
(Sorry we weren't taking enough photos.  Next time.)

Sun, 2009-08-30
Black Cat Bar
Penngrove, CA

Would you guess that this is actually a really sweet lesbian friendly bar in anytown, U.S.A.?


Wed, 2009-09-02
Ash Street Saloon
Portland, OR

Good people there at Ash Street Saloon ... just too bad we didn't get photos from crackhead symposium breaking up around the corner

Never a saggy chin to be found when you take this style of photo

This might have been the first 5 minutes we'd ever played with Demetri

Doesn't this look like some weird archived photo of Genesis circa 1970?

Have lightshow, will travel

Zapruder quality shot of Brushfield Spots ... sweet local Portland band & class acts all around

Great smokers patio out back, reeking of the next door donut shoppe


Thu, 2009-09-03
Pacific University
College Grove, OR

We really weren't photo savvy here - no live shots, no shots of the ice cream bar

What a mensch


Fri, 2009-09-04
Anderson's General Store
Guemes Island, WA

Thanks to Charlotte & co

The line for the ferry


Tiny and lawless Guemes Island

There's our destination

Pre-dancing, the dinner portion of the evening.  Seriously good food there at Anderson's, grow their own veggies, super-fresh

Too bad the night photos didn't turn out ... full moon on the water, just plain awesome

A bubbles, lights and smoke machine night

What old press release did they pull that description from?

Charlie's mom and aunt still missing in the crowd, never did make it unfortunately due to illness

New Bigfellas fans

Why does Charlie look like he's gonna punch somebody?  To our right was that nice couple from San Jose ... no reason to look angry

When a club thinks you can bring all of your gear onto the ferry and bring it in with a wheelbarrow, I think they don't realize it's not a bluegrass band


Sat, 2009-09-05
The Back Room @ Piecora's
Seattle, WA

Piecora's from the outside

Right up against the window for browsers' listening pleasure

Demetri feeling it.  Decorum prevents us from saying what the "it" was that he was feeling.

Sleepy in Seattle

Story Time with Shay

Keeping our heads on a swivel so we don't get blindsided by the lady lunatic on the premises

We're HI-larious

Damn nice shot of Shay in action

Demetri spending time with his fans



A GREAT self photo from somewhere on the road from Pam

On the road again, like a band of gypsies we go down the highway


Wed, 2009-09-09
Sam Bond's Garage
Eugene, OR

Drunkest tour gig maybe since Chicago in 2004

It takes more than a little alcohol to throw us off our game - sounded great that night

You can't quite see the outdoor courtyard behind

Kathy came up from Ashland to see us & spend time with Demetri.  Who knew what it would devolve into.

Demetri and Kathyn and friend

Charlie checking out the band that claimed they would reinvent music as we know it.

How is it that Pam is not the drunkest person in this picture?

Who could have predicted this guy would be sleeping in his car that night?

Demetri's last moment of semi-sobriety ... eventually paid a fellow drunk the next morning for a 100-mile ride home to Portland 


No caption necessary


Thu, 2009-09-10
Twin Paradox Coffeehouse
Portland, OR

Did this acoustic show really happen?  Doesn't seem like it did.  Great to have a piano there and interview Brad between songs


Fri-Sat, 2009-09-11 & 2009-09-12
Arcata, then Willits, then San Francisco CA

Crescent City, CA

Ocean en route to Humboldt - why did none of us take photos at Willits show?

Golden Gate Bridge in pouring rain & big fog, not auspicious for a great turnout at Ghirardelli Square Chocolate Festival but it worked out great for last show of tour



Pammy Angel


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