Our 2012 CD, Don't Change The Subject

A soundtrack CD for the 2012 suicide documentary Don't Change The Subject - www.dontchangethesubject.org.  By the way, don't be afriad of the movie, it manages to take a dark subject and make it entertaining and even funny at time.  (Kind of like The Bigfellas.)

The Bigfellas were comissioned to "write a song about suicide that you can dance to" for the movie and did just that with "The Suicide Song" which they can be seen performing during the film's climactic montage.  

They also put together another original song on the subject, "Always Be" which de-glamourizes suicide & sounds like some odd, modern mashup of U2 and Pink Floyd.

Don't Change The Subject
The Bigfellas - Don't Change The Subject

Charlie from The Bigfellas also did the entire musical score for the movie with over 60 minutes of cues and instrumentals that are found inside the movie.   The music ranges from orchestral productions, sparse piano pieces, dust bowl guitar sounds, experimental art pieces, bouncy grooves and more.  They've been re-engineered here to stand more on their own (rather as support or background in the movie) but it's all from the movie.  

One piece is an electro adaptation of Gabriel Faure's "Pavane":

The original song for the credits features Charlie and singer/songwriter Mary Grasso in a pretty acoustic duet, "Gotta Tell You":

Listen to our previous CD, Chubbed Up
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"Good songs, clever, irreverent.  Right up my alley.  It's really well done, strong.  I hope to hear you live sometime. It's really fun to listen to."

- Bruce Hornsby, about Chubbed Up

"This record is truly one of the best I have heard in almost twenty years."

- Al Bowman, LA Music Awards,

"The Bigfellas are a pretty big deal in San Diego and only getting bigger."

- KNSD Morning News,

"I love how the melodies are so beautiful, but the content is a complete left turn from what you would expect to hear lyrically (with those particular melodies).  It's like hearing Stevie Wonder playing keys and singing about "slappin' a bitch"..but it's still amazing!!"

- Abraham Beltran, KPFK, Los Angeles,

"Words that I would kill to hear on primetime radio."

- The Power Of Pop


"Beloved San Diegans reflect more wittily and tunefully than most on their normally displaced lives."

- Robert Christgau Consumer Guide, 2009

"We're delighted."

- Van Dyke Parks,

"Best Local Band in San Diego."

- San Diego Union-Tribune Readers Poll, 2006 -and- 2007

"Full of tongue-in-cheek satire, playful lyrics and melodies, and a sophisticated sense of music to suit the topic, The Bigfellas are an intellectual pop fan's dream."

- Bill's Music Forum, (full review)    


- LA Weekly,

"Great piano driven music for the mind as well as the soul; type of satire that Randy Newman used to do so well."

- Powerpopaholic  


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The songs on CHUBBED UP
a little story for ya: 

1 - California King 
We couldn't be more pleased with everything about how this turned out.  It's THE single for us.  A primer on California that goes beyond Venice Beach, plus a reminder that we recalled a governor once, we can do it again.  
8 - 4:20 
A special time of day for stoners.  People still can't figure out if it's pro-marijuana or anti.  Just between us, here's our opinion: getting high would be great if only you didn't do it with other stoners.  
2 - Dollar For Every Dime (The Lotto Song) 
Do you wish you had more money?  Us too.  Yes, it's that simple.  We defy you to not tap your toes if you listen to the whole song.  I mean, don't be a dick about it, just give it a chance and see if you're tapping. 
9 - Adam & Eve & Ted & Alice 
Originally was just an idea for a comic book about two 1970s swingers joining uptight Adam and looser Eve in the Garden Of Eden.  Now it's a song.  If you read Chapter 1 of Genesis, it's surprisingly accurate. 
3 - Moving Day 
Ladies and gentlemen: The Bigfellas Horns.  Really cool groove.  And as far as we know, it's one of the few songs that straight on tackle the issues of what a pain in the ass it is to pack up your house and move. 
10 - Four Minute Mile 
Really pretty and addictive elliptical progression of chords that's hard to stop playing, believe me.  And the words still trip me out a little: "If you run a four minute mile in my shoes, you could see yourself smile if I was you." ???  
4 - I Wish That I Were Gay 
We all can't be Rufus Wainright, but we can try.  This isn't the dance version, this is the REAL one ... you know, cabaret style.  If you're like 90% of the world, think what you're missing out on by not being gay.  
11 - Reinventing The Wheel 
We've heard this described as country-punk (or was is punk-country). A riff that won't stop ... really, we've tried.  Some things in life are cliches, some things are the objectively best; just sit back and enjoy it. 
5 - Johnny Get Out Of The Sky 
One of the Bigfellas best guitar songs, you'd be surprised how much you can sound like Hendrix in a modern studio.  I'm just saying.  About how "The Man" is always watching us & it just ain't right.
12 - Vous Ne Parlez Francais 
Makes you feel like you're wearing a beret and black and white striped shirt with a baguette sticking out of your grocery bag on the streets of 1920's Paris.  Oh, the accordion.  Oh, the violin.  Ooh la la.   
6 - Wish You Knew 
What's this ... a moment of tenderness and ennui? The song that Burt Bacharach never quite wrote.  If you're feeling good about yourself and wish people from your past could see you now.  
13 - Stuff On The Moon 
For about 20 years the United States put stuff on the moon: lunar modules, jeeps, golf balls, used rock hammers.  Then we just left and never came back.  A spacy musical lesson in picking up after yourself.   
7 - On The Green (the golf rap) 
Has always been our most requested song.  Apparently we've created a market for a song that's a tour-de-force of inappropriate language and bringing the world of rap braggadocio to the staid environs of golf.
14 - HIDDEN TRACK (Mr. Blue Sky) 
We're saving Jeff Lynne from himself.  You know what I always thought about ELO?  It needed more bluegrass and banjo.  The trumpet solo so good that it made this throwaway session un-cuttable.


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On The Green (edited for television)
dubbed for your protection
In The Daytime
the track so hidden, that it's not even actually on the CD - but here it is, take it
"I Wish That I Were Gay (Larry Craig dance mix)
thank you, Senator Widestance
"On The Green"
the golf rap  (live)
"I Wish That I Were Gay"




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