Charlie's demo area:
Basically, just doing this to force me to make new stuff, and get it down quickly 

Week 13

Mr. Blue Sky (ELO)
I've got a lot of catching up to do - lets start with this ridiculousness

Week 12

H.G. Wells' time traveler addressing the devolved Eloi

Week 11

Four Minute Mile
Is 2007 the year of the waltz?

Week 10

Amsterdam Intro - Amsterdam lyrics
A lovely accordion prelude to possibly our most obnoxious song

Week 9

All Those Pretty Colors - lyrics
See if you can hear my cellphone on vibrate

Week 8

The Blues Never Left New Orleans - lyrics
An instant collector's item, aka footnote, aka instantly retired

Week 7

Folk You Up - lyrics
Almost catchy - I'll re-mix it once I'm caught up

Week 6

It Is What It Is - lyrics
I wrote this for The Game a while back, but piano + vocal = easy

Week 5

Ugly Butterfly - lyrics
What do you get when you cross Ludwig Wittgenstein w/ George Harrison?

Week 4

Five Dollar Motel - lyrics
A piano line that's been in my head for a while, now that's over

Week 3

Vous Ne Parlez Francais - lyrics
An homage to America's circa 2003 Francophobe idiocy

Week 2
Only Son - lyrics
Perversely morose song about a stillborn child.  Party!
Week 1
Senor Amor - lyrics
A Brianesque meandering about how much Mike Love stinks